Silk Rugs

Since hundred of years the market is very competitive for the Turkish rugs against the others, but in the same time the silk rugs of Turkey are leading their category without any challenge. This is not only the result of the unique quality of the silk, but also the unbelievable high density. Over 3000 knots per square inch can be reached with this silk and the best quality silk comes from the city, Bursa.

Then world famous name “Hereke” cannot be seen as a rug, but as a piece of art. Hereke rugs are made since over one hundred years and most of these art items from the looms decorating the palaces of the ottoman sultans. These exiting beauties of silk Hereke rugs are made for the palaces only or used to be the official gifts for the other dynasties. Today these rugs are woven by the masters is the city Hereke on the coast of Marmara Sea.

On those turkish double knotted silk rugs are mainly floral designs and bright colors used. Some of the prayer rugs with flower designs are finished with gold threads and sim fibers in to a special condition.

According to the light reflections, the surfaces of silk rugs show an amazing color change, reason being the system, on the piles Turkish double knotting. Hereke silk rugs having usually 645 double knots per sq inch, which is aquivalent to 1.000.000 per sq m, considered to be one of the most difficult handwork, exactly falls in the human eyes as one of the finest items of arts.

Different types of silk rugs are made also in the region Kayseri with the world famous silk from Bursa. With their designs known as tree of life, medallion prayer rugs, hunting party’s ect. and with density of 413 double knots per sq. inch the Kayseri rugs are the second best silk rugs of the world after Hereke.

The possibility of having a very big choice by the color combinations and various sizes Kayseri silk rugs are specially asked on the worlds carpet markets by the carpet collectors and carpet lovers.





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